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Amy Zitelman

Bringing the Goodness of Tahini to the Masses with Amy Zitelman, CEO & Co-Founder of Soom Foods

Jordan Tetrick

Leveraging Technology to Re-Imagine Sell Sheets & How Brands Share Their Story with Satellite Founder, Jordan Tetrick

Lex Evan

Premium, Decadent Amazingness with Lex Evan; Founder, CEO & Chef at LEXINGTON BAKES

Josh Belinsky

Talking CPG, Culture, Productivity & The Boss with Josh Belinsky, Co-Founder of Slate Milk

David Delcourt

The Power of AI, and Staying Open with David Delcourt, Chief of Flavor at Seed Ranch Flavor Co. and Grown As* Foods

Jason Burke

Thoughtful and Grounded Business with Jason Burke, Founder of The New Primal

Jeff Fell

Technology and AI in Restaurants with Quest Food Management Culinary Director, Jeff Fell

Adam Brown

Talking Marketing, Culture & Trade Shows with Adam Brown, Founder and President of Sircle Media

Zach Frantz

Authenticity, Learnings & Knowing When to Let Go, with Zach Frantz

Daniela Jensen

Helping Farmers & The Planet While Serving Up Next Level Specialty Foods with Daniela Jensen, Founder of Big Picture Foods

Jake Kneller

Talking Shop with Jake Kneller – Culture, Focus & NYC Living

Kristoffer Quiaoit

The Power of Self Growth and Focus when Building a CPG Brand with Kristoffer Quiaoit from Good Journey Doughnuts

Matt Cotton & Kristi McGill

Matt and Kristi Chat Sales, LinkedIn & The Best Indulgent Treats

Erin-Kate Whitcomb

Talking Multi-Generational Teams with Erin-Kate Whitcomb; Author, Interpersonal Dynamics Expert & Sales Leader

Gregory Struck

From Shuttering Noops to becoming SVP of Growth at Siddhi Capital and all the Lessons Learned in between with 2x Founder, Gregory Struck

Steve O’Dell

From Starting a Matcha Company Senior Year at UCLA, to Massive Growth in OmniChannel with Steve O’Dell, Founder & CEO of Tenzo

Emma Tainter & Christopher Rapanick

Foodservice as the Future of the C-Store Industry, with Emma & Chris from NACS

Mark Samuel

Mental Health & Wellness, 6 Hour Work Days, & Building Your LI Community with Mark Samuel, Founder of iWon Organics

Danny Klein

Fast Casual Restaurant Trends with Danny Klein, Editorial Director at QSR & FSR Magazines

Adria Campbell

Creating Space for Big Picture Thinking, Company Culture, and much more with Adria Campbell, VP of Sales at MALK Organics.

Will Nitze

Monday Morning Shower Thoughts, Cold Plunging, & Pickleball with Will Nitze, Founder of IQ Bar.

Rosalyn Darling

Post NRA Tradeshow 2023 Review with Rosalyn Darling, Founder & Principal Consultant at Darling Culinary.

Tim Perreira

From President’s Club to Extreme Burn Out: How to Rebuild Your Own Transformation with Tim Perreira, Men’s Wellness Coach.

Erica Ranking

How Posting Consistently & Authentically on LinkedIn Lead to 64k Followers, with Erica Ranking, Founder and Chief Everything Officer of BroDough.

David Schneiderman

How Being Active on LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Brand, with David Schneiderman, Founder & CEO Two Bears Coffee.

Kyle Peters

From Founding a CPG Company to Working For a Large Scale Corporate Organization, with Kyle Peters, Innovation & Strategy at Nestle

Julie Swift

How to Have a Healthy & Thriving Broker Manufacturer Relationship with Foodservice Maven Julie Swift.

Joe Pfaller

All Things Hiring & Interviewing with Joe Pfaller, Managing Partner at Fairfield Partners Executive Search.

Kyle Markt

Kyle Markt Head Chef at Farmer’s Fridge on the Importance of Doing Your Homework w/Cold Outreach, Biggest Pet Peeves and How to Be Persistent.

Megan Feeman

Megan Feeman, Founder of NoBaked Cookie Dough on Building a Business Alongside Your Spouse, Pivoting From Scoop Shop to CPG, and Creative Selling Tactics.

Tyler Smith

How to Stand Out in Foodservice with Tyler Smith, President & Owner of Newhall Klein.

Stephan Manning

The Seller Buyer Relationship with Stephan Manning, Director of Purchasing at True Food Kitchen.

Megan Feeman

Taylor Crown, Former President of Acosta Foodservice on The Future of Our Industry, Digital Influence, and What to Look For When Hiring a Broker.

Iram Blajchman

Iram Blajchman, President of Mavericks Sales on Leadership, Building a Strong Company Culture, and Why Silence is Not a No in Sales.

Marty Dudek

Selling Into the C&U Channel with Marty Dudek, Senior Associate Director of Dining at College of the Holy Cross.

Dora Ocampo

Behind the Scenes with C-Store Senior Category Manager Dora Ocampo.

Emily Griffith

Emily Griffith, Founder & CEO of Lil Bucks on Being a Solo Female Founder, All Things Buckwheat, & Sales Cycles in Foodservice.

Suzie Yorke

Suzie Yorke, CEO & Co-Founder of The Better Chocolate on Launching 2 Brands After 50, The 4 P’s and Being a Female Founder.

Benjamin Wahl

The Major Differences Between Foodservice vs Retail with Ben Wahl VP of Sales at Matriark Foods.

John Craven

John Craven Founder & CEO of BevNet on Functional Beverage Trends, Rise of Non-Alc & the Art of Being Subtle.

Matthew Thompson

Getting Into The Buyers Mind: Matthew Thompson, Chief Culinary Officer at Harvest Table Culinary Group.

Hannah Lopez

The Current State of Plant Based in Foodservice with Hannah Lopez at Plant Based Foods Association.

David Paul Miller

David Paul Miller, Chief Sales Officer at The New Primal on Work Life Balance, Gratitude Journaling, and Building an Intentional Morning Routine.

Chris Forte

Serial Spiritual Entrepreneur Chris Forte Cofounder of Why Bars

Alex Bayer

Talking CPG with Alex Bayer, founder of Genius Juice!